Sometimes things just don’t go as expected and we may face some consequences did you face any of them and need to contact uber, are you searching for uber customer care number ? well we got some ways here using them you can reach to uber

What is uber customer care number ?

Well we can’t provide you one cause Uber Customer care number does not exist, you are shocked, right ?  well that’s true uber doesn’t provide any support via phone there are some alternative methods using them you can contact uber

The best ways to contact Uber support

  • Uber In-App customer Support
  • Support  through a web portal
  • Contact Uber Support on Twitter
  • By visiting Uber Greenlight Hubs
  • contact uber Through Email

Uber In-App customer Support

Contacting uber support via a uber app is the best way to contact uber and to do that you need to follow steps given below
The actual functionality of the in-app support varies from country to country but the concept is mainly the same.

  • Go to the Uber app and click on  Your Trips

Uber customer care number

  • on the next page, you will see list of your recent rides
  • Choose the ride you want to help with

Uber customer care number

  • On the Next page, you will see certain help topics listed choose one regarding the issue you are facing

Uber customer care number
Following help topics are covered in the ride help page

  • choose “I lost an item” if you need to contact uber support about a team you have forgotten on cab
  • Choose “Review my cancellation fee” if you think uber charged you an unnecessary cancellation fee
  • you have a complaint about your uber driver and for that, you are finding for uber customer care number ? just choose  “My driver was unprofessional” and uber will help you with your issue
  • if you are thinking you paid the extra amount or are charged more than it should be there is also an option for that choose “Review My fare or fess
  • If you paid via cash and Uber driver  charged you more than showing in the receipt you can also contact uber customer support for that
  • Your driver was not that you expected to be? He/She was different than showing in the app just choose “My Driver Didn’t match the driver photo in the app
  • Things didn’t go well and you had accident uber will help you with that choose “I was involved in an accident”
  • you can’t find an option for the topic you need help with? just choose “I had a different issue
  • and that the way you can contact uber about your issue you don’t need to find Uber customer care number 
  • You Need Receipt of your past rides well you can also get that by clicking on Receipt located just beside of help

Contact Support through a web portal

well you Contacting uber via in-app support is the best way but hey you can also try their web portal, to do that
uber support contact

  • Go to the Uber Support Web Portal (
  • then log in via your email or mobile number
  • on the next screen, they will ask you to enter your password
  • If you are logged in successes fully on the next screen you will see your recent ride
  • if you need help with a different ride just click on Riders and you will see list of your past rides choose one and you can get help for almost everything topis are described below

Uber Support for Trip Issues and Refunds

Uber support for Account and Payment Options

Contact Uber Customer care on Twitter

Instead of finding for Uber Customer care Number you can contact uber via one of the other alternative ways that are contacting uber via social media and you can do that on twitter and this is also one of the efficient method for getting support for many tech companies
contact uber customer care on twitter
You can contact uber support on Twitter via handle @Uber_Support or by clicking Uber Support Twitter

Visit Uber Support at Local Office Hours/Uber Greenlight Hubs

Finding Uber Greenlight Hub
yes You can also contact uber at their local offices this is the least efficient way but you can do it. you need to visit during working hours only
well, the question is,
Where can I find uber local offices or so-called GreenLight Hub ?
the answer is obvious you can find addresses or direction of the uber local office or green light hub via their portal uber has at least one Greenlight hub in every city they operate or you can find multiple in big cities but finding a one is not an easy task so follow the process given below
Here is a link for Uber Greenlight Hub Chicago Chicago
Uber Greenlight Hub Chicago NewDelhi
Uber Greenlight Hub Toronto
Uber Greenlight Hub Ahmedabad
So you Noticed trend right ? just replace city name with your city on the given link and you will find Greenlight Hub located in your city  “”
Now you probably have an address and directions of the uber local office go there in working hours and ask them to resolve your matter well that is the tedious process right? But that’s what you do when you can’t find Customer care number of Uber

Contact Uber Support Through Email

That seems like an old way but hey that is one the way to contact Uner customer care well that is simple too. just just need an email address and you are good to go

Uber Support Email: [email protected]

Don’t forget to mention your contact no a Trip ID or something relevant in your mail
Wind Up
Unfortunately, there is no phone number for Uber customer support. but best ways to contact Uber customer support is through their app and through twitter, hope you will find the support that you need

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